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Incidental Music

In 2002 and 2003, the Recklinghausen-based figure theatre company “Chora-Theater”, directed by Margrit Proske, commissioned incidental music for its children’s plays “Auch Eisbaeren koennen frieren” (Even Polar Bears Can Be Cold) and “Der Weg der Wunder” (The Way of Miracles).

»Auch Eisbären können frieren« (Even Polar Bears Can Be Cold)

“Ika” – cold – that’s what the polar bear mother calls her son, because he shivers and shivers. Neither the pale polar sun nor stretching and somersaults succeed in making his limbs feel warm. When the moon tells him about a WARM COUNTRY, nothing can hold Ika back, and he sets out upon the open sea alone…

A play about the power of longing, about courage and self-confidence and about the experience of not being alone in the world.

Directed by Hendrikje Winter
Figure acting by Margrit Proske
Music by Martin Luecke

»Der Weg der Wunder« The Way of Miracles

The Way of Miracles tells the tale of little Mara, who was present when Mary had her child in a manger in Bethlehem. But it is not the miracle of birth, but the voyage of the small travelling party, which is the focal point of this slightly different Christmas story.

Directed by Marion Evers
Figure acting by Margrit Proske
Music by Martin Luecke


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