Sound installation audi::MAX

Experiencing the main auditorium (Audimax) as a space of sound – this is the fundamental idea behind the sound installation at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its main auditorium. The consequent realization involved a reduction of means:

Only light and sound filled the silence in the basement of the building – a renovated garage. A pantomime guided the audience through a long tunnel of light and spherical, futuristic sounds. Slowing down, existing solely through one’s ears: the audience inadvertently rediscovered these qualities lost to our daily lives. The mood having been set, the audience then traversed three sound spaces in which video installations presented additional impressions of past and present.

BAU::zeit (BUILDING::time)

Just like one stone added to another gradually forms a building, in this sound space a complex and rhythmical architecture arises from machine and construction noises. The sound of each space converges with the complementary atmosphere of the original area and the intermittently perceptible background sounds from afar. The spaces shift in no particular chronological order, and thereby achieve their own dynamic: thus, 20 non-synchronized speaker signals form a constantly changing, living installation, producing ever new sound impressions among the moving audience.

KLANG::raum (SOUND::space)

The multitude of musical sounds which regularly fills the Audimax combine to form a organic entity in this space. It is a harmonious collage of seemingly widely divergent musical styles: excerpts from orchestral and choral music performed here during the past decades, cutting-edge modern sounds of pieces commissioned for the Audimax, the university hymn and jazz sounds.

WORT::kulture (WORD::culture)

This sound space brings to life the vivacious, multicultural range of presentations that the Audimax hosts: sound atmosphere from university parties, live broadcasts of soccer games and the presentation of the “Rueckmeldung” are combined with a hip-hop of scratched speeches by the dean and an Arabic easy-listening reggae. A word fugue consisting of university lectures illustrates the dominance of the spoken word.

On the following pages, we present an impression of the installation:

The Venue | The Set-up | The Installation | The Audience | Sound Bites

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