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Sound installation “Salon moz::ART” for the Bochumer Symphoniker

Together with Karl-Heinz Blomann, we are designing a sound installation entitled “Salon moz::ART” for the “Mozart Marathon” at the theatre in Bochum on May 23, 2004. The installation takes the listener on a voyage through Mozart’s life, the places he worked and the cities most important for the music of his times. This tracing of Mozart’s footsteps takes the listener not only through the composer’s times, but also our own.

Using interviews and sound bites, we explore the places where Mozart, his music and the knowledge about him are still present. We let the historical figure speak about himself and his travels through excerpts from his letters. Listening passages provide an introduction to the atmospheres of historical Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Paris. The entire installation is suffused by his omnipresent music.

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Family Concert “General Pause in Search of Silence”

Our first thematic concert for children is completed.

The lovingly told tale of General Pause, who seeks a place of silence in the modern world and the world of music, raises the awareness of children aged 6 – 10 for the conscious hearing of music and introduces them to modern worlds of sound. Our original version is designed for a classical orchestra and actors, but the piece may also be presented in the versions as a radio / audio play, or, when fewer protagonists are available, as an arrangement for actors and pre-recorded music. The concept is targeted at all classical music halls offering family and children’s concerts, concert presenters, music educators and school projects.

Sunday, 19. December 2004, 11 am and 1 pm, Kammerspiele Bochum (Germany)

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Audience acclaim for the sound installation “audi::MAX”

The sound installation at the Ruhr-University’s “Kulturfest” (Party of Cultures) on June 18, 2003 received an overwhelmingly positive reception: click here for an overview of press reviews (german only), pictures and audio documentation.

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